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Superior Spider-Man Vol. 1


If you think you\u2019ve already read the most intense, unexpected and surprisingly heartbreaking Superior Spider-Man story there is, prepare to be proven wrong! Leaving the moniker of Doctor Octopus behind, Otto is going to show the world he\u2019s the most pragmatic, most effective and \u2014 to him, anyway \u2014 best super hero on the planet. But when Terrax the Tamer \u2014 a villain who considerably overpowers him \u2014 strikes, being superior isn\u2019t enough. It\u2019s time to go cosmic! But is the world ready? After tussling with Terrax, Otto is looking forward to the usual Spider- Man fare of street-level villains \u2014 so imagine his dismay when a major magical threat rears its ugly head and he\u2019s forced to\u2026ugh\u2026ask for help! Will Doctor Strange lend a hand or stop Otto himself?