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Thor Epic Collection The Black Galaxy


If death be his destiny! When the High Evolutionary plans a new race of immortals in the Black Galaxy, Hercules and the Celestials play a part in a spacefaring saga with major implications for Thor \u2014 and his new mortal host, Eric Masterson! Thor will experience flame, frost and fury courtesy of Surtur and Ymir \u2014 but will a new god take charge of Asgard? On Earth, Code Blue serves and protects New York from superhuman dangers like the Wrecking Crew \u2014 but things get out of hand when Thor and Excalibur take on the unstoppable Juggernaut! And when Loki crosses the line, Thor commits an unspeakable act \u2014 and the consequences leave Eric Masterson in charge! Can Eric fill the Thunder God\u2019s shoes, or will his first outing as a solo hero be his last?