Sayonara, Football 3 ( бройка с външни забележки)


Отстъпка: 3.44лв. (15.00%) Издателство: Kodansha Comics Пожълтели страници High-octane girls' soccer action mixes with the drama of high school in this cleats-out manga from the creator of Your Lie in April!\n\nMidori and Sumire are soccer stars at rival middle schools, destined to collide -- one's a striker, the other a goalie. But the two girls end up in the same high school, with a lazy coach and a bizarre teammate, Nozomi, who brags that she's a genius but can't seem to stop kicking the ball into her own goal. To become champions, they'll have to get over their rivalry and work some magic on the field -- not to mention the challenges of growing up.